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About Us

Phive Tier Media is a multimedia company founded by Detric 

Hicks with a mission to promote and sell digital, film, web and 

creative content. The company has five key factors that are the 

foundation and focus of the business as a whole. (1) Publish, 

promote, sell and distribute music (2)  Film & Television, (3) 

Literature, (4) Web Content and (5) Artist development.


Phive Tier Media believes in having a consistent and positive relationship with it's



Right now, the company is a sole proprietorship with the hopes of gaining 



Our Vision: 


At Phive Tier Media, our goal is to create quality creative content 

that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of its viewers. We seek to 

build substantial content with meaningful depth that will live 

forever. We believe that what we imagine is what we can achieve. 

That is our gift from above (The ability to create what we envision 

in our minds) With accuracy and drive we have that ability to do 


Phive Tier represents dignity, attentiveness, and hard work. 

We believe the greatest gift to human kind is to envision, create 

and apply. The strength, power and functionality of the mind is what 

we pride ourselves on.