"Stage Mom" is a concept that has been swirling in my mind for some years now. The purpose of the project is to give a modern day twist and push the boundaries of when a parent becomes passionate about their chi ld’s career. My love for dance is infinite. I eat, sleep and breath this business, and when you are around long enough you witness firsthand how dance mothers can live vicariously through, they're children’s , and the extent they will go to see their child shine. In this movie particularly, the main character Evelyn goes above and beyond, to the furthest extent of the law to ensure that nothing and no one will stop her daughter Mya from becoming a star. Mya is aware of her mother’s infatuation with her dance career but is oblivious to what takes place behind the scenes, that is until the curtains are pulled back right in front of her eyes. The funds being raised will go towards ensuring the project comes out as grand as possible. Jose "Hollywood" has partnered with Phive Tier Media to write and produce this project from the ground up. We are excited to collaborate with Bobby Yan to direct the film to completion . We are already well into the developmental process and are now asking you, the audience, to pitch i n what you can to ensure we have everything we need to make this film the bar for dance thrillers to come.